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Tour de France In The Mind Of Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett had a roller- coaster ride all throughout his career and in July it can reach to new heights. He has shifted from Ireland to Monaco.

It is not at all surprising as most of the professionals have their home based in Monaco. In the course of two years, Bennett has come a long way since he was about to quit the profession owing to a series of injuries. He is 24 years old and is considered to be one of the best in sprinting.

It was the French team which was considered amateur, La Pomme Marseille when he got a spring into his career. It was in 2013 when he injured his knee which is very ironic since he was studying about health and exercise. He gave in everything to cycling over the term of summer. It was the Tour of Britain where he got the much needed break that he wanted. In Kendal he also triumphed on day 2. From that time onwards he just kept on surmounting and ascending.

It was in May when he began training under the American coach Neal Henderson and he started to train hard. His target was the race and when he was not racing then he was found in his bed. He had no problems with his form but it was his lack of energy which stopped him from continuing.

His interest grew when the management of his team gave him a contract for the year 2014. He won the race and as expected he did cry.

Tour de Qatar was also won by him in this year. He told his friends that his expectation has grown and he wishes to continue with his form. The amount of pressure he put on himself paid off and in the sprints he finds his way out.

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