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Ferrand Disappointed With Season Turnout

Not every cyclist experiences a great year of competitive cycling every time.

That has been the case with Ferrand-Prevot. She states that this year has been a nightmare for him. With a disappointing run at the Olympics, he feels that this season has definitely been troubling and unfortunate. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot took place at the Olympic Games this year. She was placed in the 26th position in the road race in the women’s category. She abandoned the mountain biking event that was held on Saturday.

She has written at length about her troubled season for her fans and followers on the social media accounts. She has stated that cycling her cycling has become a nightmare from the wonderful achievements that she had experienced in this sport earlier. She won three titles in three separate disciplines which comprised of cyclo-cross, mountain bike and road races. She won three world titles, but she also hurt herself.

She sustained a stress fracture in the winter and now she questions her decision to have returned to training too hastily after that. She says that she should have listened to her coach who had told her to build back her tenacity slowly. Early in the season she gained an eighth position in the Tour of Flanders and 11th in the Strade Bianche. These achievements were promised at the beginning of the season. However, she also suffered from different health problems like allergies that she experienced after she relocated to southern France in the springtime. Due to the anti doping rules that exist for the competition, she had to stay away from competitions as she was on medication. During that period she probably trained harder than she should have. She took a break during the months of May and June. She was still troubled by the knee problem that she developed in the winter as well as sciatia. She also suffered from two lumbar epidurals.

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