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Route Details Of Tour de France

Tour de France is often termed as the ‘World Championship of Cycling’ by the spirited supporters and fans. As far as sporting significance is concerned, Tour de France is not world championship but it carries a great importance. This prestigious event of World Cycling occupies a great respect among the cyclists who wish to won the championship at least once in their life time.

This esteemed championship is usually held in the month of June-July every year. The route of the championship is certainly made to test the personal abilities of the cyclists. The hard working cyclists are usually required to cover a distance of 3,497 kilometers which is divided into 20 different stages.

The entire distance is divided into 9 flat stages. It is not necessary that all these stages are equal in distance.

The distances can be different and it is entirely unintentional. This route includes 4 mountain stages with medium heights. Cyclists are required to cover all these 4 ranges where they have one mountain with summit finish. Apart from that they need to cross 5 mountain ranges where two mountains have summit finish. Crossing all these mountains is quite laborious where the physical abilities of the cyclists are tested with closer eyes.

After completion of these mountainous stages, the cyclists are also needed to cross 2 individual time-trial stages where they need to display their personal feats with their cycles. They also have one prologue to meet. All these things they are required to do in a period of 22- 23 days. They get 2 days of rest in between the starting date and date of conclusion of the race. The best cyclist with the best physical sturdiness can make sure to a clear-cut win. However, the race always finishes in closer contention every year.

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