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Brit to head up the strategy for Tour de France 2013

A Brit is all set to head up the strategy for Tour de France 2013 in a bid to refresh the standards of the race in the wake of Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal.

Colin Clews has been appointed the senior doping controller and he will be overseeing all the doping tests, safeguarding the procedures of the test and protecting the rights of all the cyclists. He is the first Briton to take up this responsibility and he is taking up the mantle at a time when Tour de France is under tremendous pressure and scrutiny. It needs to vividly prove that it is fair and clean.

Colin Clews’ pedigree in the cycling circuit is very strong; he started working with the UK Anti Doping Agency more than a decade ago and he later took up similar position at Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

In the year 2005, Clews set up Rutland-Melton International CiCLE Classic and was the chief commissioner for mountain biking at two Olympic Games, including the last year’s Olympic. Clews are presently working on the cycling strategy of Commonwealth Games.

Clews will take over during the first half of Tour de France including stage nine of the race as well as the last two stages in Pyrenees.

Talking about his new appointment, Clews said, “I am extremely proud that I have been given such an enormous responsibility in the world’s biggest cycling race and being the first British official to be given this responsibility, it makes me all the more proud”.

He further said, “When I look back at my career, I feel that I have done everything and this job is the zenith of my career”.

He added, “Earlier I have been involved in a race where positive has been declared and I feel that you really need to be prepared for such a thing. To say the right thing at the situation, you need to have the right communication skills”.

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