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Surrey loses out on hosting Tour de France

The cycling fans in Surrey seem to be greatly disappointed as Surrey loses out on the chance to host the legendary Tour de France 2014. As per the reports, Surrey hoped to host the high profile cycling championship the coming year but everything got shattered the previous week with the announcement of the Tour de France route.

According to the announcement on the route to be followed by 2014 Tour de France, the top notch cycling championship would start from Yorkshire & then would ride southwards towards London through Cambridge. It won’t be passing through Surrey during the series. As per the race director of tour de France, they have taken to a sprinter-friendly route this time that would be beneficial for the participating riders.

Last summer, the Surrey County Council declared that they were on the plan to bid for hosting a stage for the legendary cycling championship. While approached on their plans for the bid, David Hodge, the Surrey Council leader stated-“We are looking to arrange a bid for hosting a stage for the iconic Tour de France 2014”.

But on further questions later following the declaration, one of spokesmen from the County council declined to provide with any data regarding their bid. They also denied to reveal the reasons behind their failure regarding the announced bid. The spokesperson remarked-“We had a talk with British Council the previous year regarding our possibility to host a stage for Tour de France yet at present we don’t have anything new worthy to report”.

However, there is still solace and good news for the cycling fans in Surrey. According to the reports, Surrey would be hosting a stage for Tour of Britain, another high profile cycling championships. The Tour of Britain is scheduled to pass through Surrey this year in September.

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