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Armstrong-Vaughters rejoins to take Cycling forward

Defamed American cycling legend Lance Armstrong & Jonathan Vaughters, the Garmin Sharp manager have rekindled their long-strained bond with the goal to take cycling forward, on a cleaner note. Armstrong & Vaughters have been teammates at US Postal Service in 1998 & 1999.

However, since the last 14 years, both of them have been into different edges of doping issues- Armstrong was into perfecting the technique of performance-enhancing banned substances profiting hugely from it and Vaughters founded a development group centered on clean sport philosophy.

Vaughters’ development group was morphed into Garmin-Sharp.
Vaughters, along with 3 Garmin riders admitted of doping while in Armstrong’s team (US Postal Service) that resulted in the lifetime suspension for Armstrong & ultimately led to his infamous televised confession.

So, it was very much of a surprise for Twitter users when they found that the two former teammates having a friendly conversation publicly. Armstrong revealed that he reached up to his former teammate after reading a post where Vaughters had remarked that it won’t be right to blame Lance for the doping culture in cycling.

“It’s our fault & we who build up the zone of professional riding are to be blamed”, stated Vaughters’ post. Over time, the two men became conversational on how the defamed cycling legend can salvage professional riding that has been seemingly pushed to the bottom given USADA’s report on biggest star of the sport.

“Lance can be a huge aspect of the aimed solution”, said Vaughters. “He probably requires people to realize that it’s not he who started the doping issue in cycling and that it was very much in vogue previously and he is the one who got involved hugely. He can help to change things now”.

“Both of us agree that riding is cleaner presently in comparison to what it had been in past decades- our endeavor is to assist cycling in moving forward. I believe JV shares the concept of reconciliation & truth with me & that’s the sole way to take the sport forward”, Armstorng shared.

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