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Trott Claimed 2nd Gold

Laura Trott has managed to thrill her fans once again- a couple of days following her triumph at team pursuit, the leading Brit rider has claimed another gold medal in the 2013 UCI Track Cycling Championship.

The UCI World Cup is being hosted at Manchester.
Trott claimed the 2nd gold with a victory at women’s ominum. The dashing Brit cyclist won the last 2 of the 6 events beating G. Carleton by 5 points overall & L. Berthon by 7 points. Another English rider Becky James came second in Keirin that earned her 3rd silver medal in the championship. It was Kristina Vogel from Germany who claimed the first position in the Keirin.

It was Trott’s stellar performance in penultimate event when the rider came away from peloton & lapped all the rivals enroute to an amazing win, that led her to victory. The win gave her 3-point lead which Laura extended further by snatching an awesome victory over Berthon before the cheering home crowd.

“I did not actually have any choice left. I was into the championship 6 points down & I was basically on back foot- my coach said that I need to try at least and win”, stated Trott while speaking about her star performance at scratch race. “Normally in ominum, you’re sitting back & simply racing riders in top 6. I was astonished as nobody rode with me. When I passed coach he uttered ‘Go!’ The entire crowd was just awesome. I do not thing I could have won had they not being there.”

The beautiful Brit cyclist had been 7th post 2 events yet the two 2nd places in 3rd & 4th events escalated her into the 3rd stature & medal contention. The recent ominum gold is the 2nd World Cup gold in Trott’s career & 6th in total.

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