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Christian Prudhomme, the race director of the Tour de France has hailed Adelaide’s Tour Down Under as one of the most crucial events for professional cycling in recent years and he believes that as cycling aims to expand globally as a sport, this Tour would play a very pivotal role in that.

Prudhomme has been invited to Adelaide, Australia as a guest during the event this week and he heaped praises on the organizers of the race. It was only last year when the Tour Down Under, struck a partnership with ASO, who are also contracted as organizers of the prestigious Tour, to distribute the television rights for the event on a global scale.

Speaking to AAP, Prudhomme said that one can see bicycles in every corner of the globe but professional cycling can be found in only a handful of places. He also added that in order to achieve global fame, cycling has to compete with all other sports but he also added that with the support of the people, he expects that many more races will become as grand as the Tour de France.

Prudhomme said that seeing so many smiling faces around the cycling races was extremely important. He went on to add that the people of Australia love cycling and he initially thought that it was only track cycling but now they are enjoying road cycling too. However, he denied claims that ASO were looking to buy the Australian event saying that the organization had no intention of making a bid for the race in Adelaide.

Prudhomme also stressed on the importance of having professional organizers and praised the organizers of the Tour Down Under for being able to organizer such a grand race and hoped that one day, cyclists will consider it as important a race as the Tour de France.

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