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Bradley Wants His Legacy To Last

Bradley Wiggins is on a mission to set up a team of his own which will win gold for him in the Olympics of 2016 at Rio. He wants to collaborate with Team Sky for further developments.

If the development will be good it will last for 10 years. His aim is to search for the next Wiggins and even Chris Hoy. At the festival of marketing, in Wapping he stated that he was in talks with the Team Sky regarding his contract for next year. His driving force behind developments is to make his own team. His focus has not deterred yet which is a strong hold.

Mark Christian, Andy Tennant and Steven Burke have all joined hands to be matching the outfit of the Olympic four time champion. He won the Tour de France in 2012 claiming to be the first British winner wants to have a long term as far as his team is concerned for the Olympics. Negotiations with Team Sky are on from their part and he has achieved the target 6 weeks ago which was the last nail to be put up on the coffin. He is desperate to clinch the gold for the fifth time. He is hopeful that he is going to be with the Team Sky and wants to try on another challenge as well which will be Paris- Roubaix.

He is all geared up in the process of his own team which seems like a desperate measure. He wants to win it with the other guys of the team and share that winning moment with all of them. A programme will be build up by the team and as well as a specialized training programme too. For the next 10 years he wants to make sure to place his team on an equal footing.

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