Before Tour De France Chris Froome Salbutamol Case To Be Resolved

Tour de France organizer, Christian Prudhomme said confidently that Chris Froome’s Salbutamol case will be resolved this year or another year before the start of this year’s race. Prudhomme said: “Since December we need a rapid solution and all the statements of the president of UCI indicate that there will be an answer before the Tour de France. And absolute confidence that UCI will do that and the president of UCI said that there will be certainly one before the Giro, but there will be certainly one before the Tour de France and we must have the answer.”

In Italy sources have indicated that Giro organizers do not feel that case is ruling on Froome as the race is already in progress. Four-times Tour de France winner is going to start this year’s Giro and going to begin in Jerusalem in 4th May.

The team Sky leader continues his train and race and finishing in the last fourth week of the tour of the Alps before the Giro final build up event and starting for the first time Tour de France victories began with the hope that he land with a “Grand Slam” by winning a major tour.

Prudhomme did not give direct response when he was asked straight up and felt that situation arise if from case remained without resolution before July and ASO organizers felt that they should exclude Froome from Tour under a rule that permits the organizers to deny the entry of a rider or team whose presence is determined to the image of the event. Now he calls for rapid resolution and need an answer before the start of the tour as I am not the charge of the tour, but the organizer of the tour and now we and people need an answer as current situation doesn’t suit anyone.

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